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Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. At LEATHERKIND we have three core tenets; gorgeous environmentally conscious leathers, hand crafted products and we are utterly obsessed with crisp personalisation that absolutely pops.

We believe in branding the old fashioned way and that means heat and brass. Nothing else will cut it when it comes to making the perfect impression in our leathers.


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Ethical & Handmade

We are a UK family run business, established in 1999. We have a passion for all things handmade, ethical and crafted.

Crisp Personalisation

All personalisation is in house, each monogram or logo is pressed by hand, using quality brass type providing a clear and most precise impression into the leather.

Attention to Detail

Your order is not a number. We often painstakingly debate for longer than we possibly should over what might seem to others like; the little things.